Our Story

Countless efforts, endless discussions, hours of daydreaming and many mixed feelings later the sibling duo Ruhi & Daksh experienced a storybook moment on a regular afternoon whilst arranging their photo library. To their surprise the month of ‘August’ serendipitously presented itself with a series of life mapping moments in their lives. And just like that the name ‘August Café’ brought forth itself in a simple yet poetic expression!

Ruhi’s has been an enchanting journey right from the moment of its commencement in August’2003. The hospitality and the travel trails marked the onset from Switzerland to London to Paris to the beautiful countryside in the province of Asti, Italy. She has plethora of fascinating adventures and experiences to share from over the years of living in europe.

With her sibling Daksh coming aboard upon graduating with business studies began their vocational pursuit leading to inception of many serious discussions and undertakings. It included a mesmerizing trip to Italy which led to many inspired thoughts, months of trials and errors; some successes and many failures later; calling for a café came about in the month of August 2017.